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Parent and Family Resources


We want to make sure that everyone has access to a small collection of the best resources.  We did a search for books on parenting and marriage on Amazon, and got 253,106 hits. So what we have done is comb through all of the thousands of resources and found the best ones that are tried and true and actually work.

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Training Events


Every job that is difficult and worth doing requires training. So we have created multiple training events that happen throughout the year that fit every need and schedule. These are age/stage activities that will give you a chance to learn in a community of other parents. We have a yearly Discipleship Training class on technology and marriage, marriage and parenting conferences with outside speakers, and Moms of Little Ones just to name a few.

6 Milestones of Maturity


As each child goes through the stages of growth in Christ, CCC wants to be there.  Parents can partner with CCC to experience the 6 Milestones of Maturity with their kids and other families. We have attached the outline for you to look at later, but we can quickly summarize what we hope to do. First, we begin with baptism. The first step of any Christian. The next milestone is a faith commitment as kids take our Kids in the Pew preparing them to worship with us. Then, kids join the church as Communing Members as they go through a theology class and then take their first communion. As kids enter Middles school, they take the first steps of serving the church ending with a mission trip. Then in high school, kids get assigned a ministry team and CCC. 

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Parent Partners


We want parents to connect to each other in quarterly meetings called Parent Partners. These are meals we share where we hear from more experienced parents about a given topic of parenting and jumpstart key relationships with other parents in our congregation.